Eurocrats are protesting on Barroso want to receive pensions

Publication date: 
Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A group of current and former Eurocrats want to receive EU retirement the former head of the European Commission Jose Barroso for his work for the US bank Goldman Sachs.The petition in this case was signed by 151,000 people - officials from the EU institutions in Brussels and the Member States. Today it has been communicated leaders of the European institutions.


In addition to receiving EU pensions Jose Barroso, the officials also want to strengthen the Code of Conduct for Commissioners. A similar demand reported by representatives of NGOs and activists working for the transparency of the EU institutions. "The Code of Conduct for Commissioners is too weak. It allowed just so morally questionable move to the business. This is the reason for our concern" - said Polish Radio Vicky Cann of the organization ALTER-EU. 
Under the current rules, former commissioners may 18 months after leaving the Commission to take a job in business. Activists propose at least a 3-year transition period.