ALTER-EU financing

ALTER-EU is an informal coalition. The work of ALTER-EU is supported by ALTER-EU asbl, an organisation with legal not for profit status registered under Belgian law which looks for and administrates funding opportunities and provides administrative support to allow the coalition to organise its activities.

ALTER-EU is strongly in favour of and committed to financial transparency around lobbying and member groups are expected to disclose such information. More information regarding ALTER-EU and its steering committee members' activities can be found in the European 'Transparency Register'. ALTER-EU is registered in the EU Transparency Register under number: 2694372574-63.

In 2019, salaries, office expenses, and campaign activities were financed by grants from the Isvara Foundation, as well as by contributions from groups represented on the steering committee.

Examples of financial transparency by ALTER-EU groups are available on the websites of:

Our finances from 2013 to 2019 can be consulted below.