Complaint regarding the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. entry in the lobby register by LobbyControl, Corporate Europe Observatory and Friends of the Earth Europe

Publication date: 
Monday, January 26, 2015
LobbyControl, Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Europe

In January 2015, three ALTER-EU Steering Committee NGOs complained to the EU lobby register authorities about the (previous) entry of Goldman Sachs which gave a 2013 lobby expenditure figure of less than €50,000. We suggested that Goldman Sachs had substantially under-reported its true lobby spend, especially considering the €450,000 it spent on two EU lobby consultancies between January 2013 and June 2014. Since then, the investment bank has updated its registration to report €700,000-€799,999 lobby spend for 2014, although this is still a far smaller lobby spend than Deutsche Bank (€3,962,000 reported lobby spend in 2014) and Credit Suisse (€1,250,000 - €1,499,999 for 2014).

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