Letter to Commissioner Šefčovič to to ask to overhaul the revolving door rules in current review of Staff Regulations

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Thursday, November 24, 2011
ALTER-EU steering committee

Open letter to commissioner Šefčovič

Executive summary / policy recommendations: 

ALTER-EU agrees with this and urges you to add the issue of the revolving door to the agenda of the current review of the Staff Regulations and specifically to include the following proposals:

  • A mandatory cooling-off period (or ban) of at least two years for all EU institution staff members entering new posts which involve lobbying or advising on lobbying, or any other role which provoke a conflict of interest with their work as an EU official
  • Tackling the loopholes in the current rules including the exclusion of staff on (temporary) contracts
  • Scrutiny of all staff joining EU institutions for potential conflicts of interest. Where there is a potential conflict of interest between their old job and their new EU role, those persons must recuse themselves from such matters
  • Ensure sufficient resourcing to be able to investigate and monitor revolving door cases
  • Publish a full and updated list of all revolving door cases on EU institutions' websites A detailed set of proposals is enclosed within our report.
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