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Monday, January 21, 2013
Matthieu Lietaert, director of The Brussels Business
The makers of The Brussels Business will launch an interactive web application that enables citizens to engage in a dialogue with MEPs 
Executive summary / policy recommendations: 
The makers of the documentary film The Brussels Business, the docu-thriller that zooms in on Brussels' lobbying scene and features the work of 1 of ALTER-EU's steering committee members, Corporate Europe Observatory, are about to launch a very interesting, interactive web application. 
This application, or rather online game, enables citizens to engage in a dialogue with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) about topics that are about to be put to the vote.

So far the project is supported by ARTE tv, in partnership with Le Monde, Hufftington Post, and PressEurope. Others like L'Internazionale and RTBF might follow. The game will be launched on February 5, one week before ARTE broadcasts a special about lobbying. Initially, the game will last for 8 weeks.

More information about this project can be found in the attachment.

As time is short, the makers could use your help in several ways:

  • In terms of visibility: you could have a free widget of the game and put it for free on your website, or in case you know bloggers or journalists who could be interested, you could share it with them.
  • In terms of communication: you could talk about it in your newsletter, facebook page and twitter account. 
  • In terms of content: if there is a topics that you know will be discussed and/or voted in the European Parliament in the coming 2 months.

Please feel free to contact the initiator Matthieu Lietaert by email or on his mobile 0032 473 12 88 10.

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