In Brussels, the political heart of the European Union, extreme corporate influence often distorts the political process, either blocking progress where it is sorely needed or leading to policies t
ALTER-EU's reacts to the collapse of negotiations to deliver mandatory EU lobby transparency.

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The European Parliament today approved a measure which would for the first time oblige influential Members of European Parliament (MEPs) to list their scheduled meetings with lobbyists. The amendment applies to MEPs who draft policy reports and chair committee
This Thursday, Members of the European Parliament are due to vote on a rule that, if adopted, would for the first time create a binding obligation for MEPs writing reports and chairing committtees to disclose their lobby meetings.
Update: In December the European Parliament's constitutional affairs committee approved the rules with a majority of 11-10. This was a tight victory but a victory nonetheless.
Why is it that the US has been able to legally sanction political fixer Paul Manafort for failure to disclose details of his lobbying for the Kremlin-backed Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovych government, while in the European Union – where he also operated a multi-million euro lobbying operation for the same regime – there are no consequences whatsoe
"Corporate capture in Europe" examines the extreme and undue influence of big business on European Union (EU) and member state decision-making processes.