In Brussels, the political heart of the European Union, extreme corporate influence often distorts the political process, either blocking progress where it is sorely needed or leading to policies t
ALTER-EU's reacts to the collapse of negotiations to deliver mandatory EU lobby transparency.

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Potential conflicts of interest persist in EU parliament – new research Potential conflicts of interest continue to plague the European Parliament one year after elections, finds new research released today.
ALTER-EU re-visits its recent report on the EU lobby register to check out if and how things have improved.        
'Two steps forward, one step back' for EU lobby transparency is the verdict of transparency campaigners on the quality of the data since the launch of the revised EU lobby transparency register. While some new organisations have signed up and others have improved the quality of their registrations, too many other entries continue to look problematic: confusing, unclear, inconsistent or just down-right dodgy.
Find out how 'new and improved' the EU's lobby transparency register really is, after its three-month update process.
ALTER-EU urges European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans to take strong and urgent action to create a high-quality and legally-binding EU lobby transparency register in a letter sent to him today, signed by over 100 non-governmental organisations.